Tips For Winning Clients With Semrush

A lot of people think of Semrush as a keyword research tool – which it is – but it is actually a lot more than just that.

I've personally been using Semrush (free trial affiliate link) for almost a decade.

There are three major ways I use Semrush:

  1. Keyword research, SEO, and content marketing
    (for myself and my clients)
  2. Monitoring the results of my SEO work
  3. Winning new web design clients

I think a lot of web designers overlook the power of Semrush when it comes to winning new clients. So, we'll talk a bit about that.

Along the way, I'll throw in a few other tips too like:

  • How to get more backlinks
  • How to get access to a huge library of free digital marketing eBooks
  • Games and quizzes where you can win up to $9,000 of Semrush stuff.
  • and more…

There's a lot to dig into with this one.

00:00 – Introducing Max
02:30 – How vast Semrush data really is
03:33 – Semrush is not just for keyword research
06:28 – My first Semrush success story
09:31 – How to win web design clients with Semrush
12:41 – How to learn the tools in Semrush
16:00 – The power of insight & the value of efficiency
18:52 – How to get more backlinks to your site
20:40 – Semrush raffle – win up to $9,000 of Semrush stuff
24:23 – My takeaways about Semrush

Three Ways To Enter The Semrush Raffle

Semrush is running a raffle where six winners will be chosen at random and either win up to six months of marketing services or a one-year Business subscription to Semrush worth $9,000.

There are three ways to win:

  1. Take the quiz to figure out your marketing persona
  2. Play the Hop To The Top game
  3. Share your results on social media with the hashtag #ShapeYourStory

Other Semrush Resources

Semrush Academy

Free online digital marketing courses like:

  • How to sell on Amazon
  • Audit your online visibility
  • Digital marketing for SMBs

Go To Semrush Academy ➤

Learning Library

Get access to loads of free eBooks on digital marketing like:

  • The Ultimate Blog Writing Checklist for 2021
  • The Content Writing Workbook
  • The Ultimate SEO Writing Checklist
  • and more…

Go To The Library ➤

Content Writing Services

Get professionally written:

  • Email newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Website copy
  • and more…

Discover The Semrush Content Marketplace ➤

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